FIVE-12. One sleepless night in March

Long Exposure: Light

On a sleepless night I decided to do something fun and test my magic wand.


Just the other weekend we had a meet up at the Studio and played a bit with light, which was real fun. If you ever get bored in the evening or want to have some fun with your friends, then this can be really interesting. Best results are achieved with a DSLR or a photo camera that manages manual mode. A Huawei P8 mobile phone works great too. This is mainly because it’s much easier to achieve long exposure with these cameras. Another thing to remember is to use a tripod not to have blurry photos. Almost any flashlight will do for painting. With the photos below I created a DIY LED light stick. LED lamps give best results. If you want to skip DIY light painting sticks you may want to consider buying a pixel stick. Not cheap, but gives wonderful effects and can be used for making videos as well. Another alternative is using a Star Wars lightsaber.

Here are the results from a DIY painting stick:


Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar


Photo by Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

Technical Information:
– Digital DSLR Sony-A450;
– LED Light painting stick;
– Focal length: 17 mm;
– f/22;
– ISO 200
– Exposure time: 8 sec;
– RAW.

– Light painting;
– Developed in Lightroom.

Victoria P. Ben-Chivar

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