Crystal loves to explore Västerås and the surrounding area with her camera. Nature and urban landscape are among her favorite motifs. She loves to find the texture in things, the interesting bits in the image. Oftentimes she finds that is best expressed in black and white. While she has a lot to learn with photography but she enjoying the journey.

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Growing up in the north of Sweden, Lisa Westermark has had plenty of experience of spending time in the dark. After moving to Västerås in 2011, she soon picked up an interest in photography which has only become an increasingly larger part of her life. Always looking to learn more, she hasn’t limited herself to any one motif but continues to search for new exciting things to shoot. Now after three years of digital photography she feels the time is right to delve into the world of analogues. And perhaps all that experience from long, dark winters will translate well into the dark room.

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Krister Eriksson (age 55+), resident in Västerås, Sweden. After many years of film photography during 80 and 90´s, he went over to digital in the early 2000s. Now Krister have rediscovered the film again and like to use very old cameras from own collection for this. The oldest working camera is made in early 1920´s!

– Prefer classic photo where the camera is the primary tool, not photoshop.
– Photographing prefably people (portraits and human activities).

Krister don´t like to jump between image solutions, techniques and genres. He prefer to be consistent and develop his own style. Krister like sometimes to ignore the common photographic rules, and does well understand these rules in order to violate them.

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Victoria is what some call the  international child or global citizen. She was raised in different countries, influenced by different cultures and studied in international schools.

Before photography it was more about classical art (painting, drawing and even design). And thanks to art she discovered the beauty of photography. Her first proper pictures were taken in Paris were she literally took pictures of everything that surrounded her. As she says: “It was some kind of euphoria.” Paris in her opinion inspired her as it inspired many through the centuries.

Today photography is part of her daily life. She tends to experiment, add elements of art to her pictures and just play with form, colours and lines.

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After many years living abroad Magnus returned to his hometown of Västerås in Sweden in 2011. In early 2012 he started the Västerå project, publishing daily new photos of Västerås.

In 2013 he was a part of founding Mälardalens Fotogrupp, an activities-based photo group where anyone can take part in suggesting, organizing, and participating in photo-related activities.

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CJ finds that photography is best expressed in black and white. He has no special thoughts about motifs, but he likes shadows, blur or experimenting with putting feelings and thoughts to a photo.

He has a fear of taking pictures of people. Even the development of society is an interesting photo area. CJ likes both analog and digital technology and want to experiment with old methods.