Art and Photography

Konstmuseum together with Västmanlands läns museum at Karlsgatan 2, celebrated their 5th Anniversary (5th Sep.) with many interesting events one of which happened to be a play “It’s all too Beautiful” by Teater Tropos. It was really creative, perhaps “crazy” and “strange” should describe it best, but in one word, this was and is “Art”. For those who don’t know, the word “art” in Swedish is “konst” and if you add “-igt”, you’ll get the word “konstigt”, which means “strange” in English. I did not have my DSLR, but that did not stop me from enjoying this event and even experiencing more of it. I did a few shots with my phone and later just dived fully into the play.

There is one thing that photo enthusiasts may consider sometimes and that’s visiting such events where photography at a certain moment becomes secondary in order to experience another kind of art and gain inspiration. At times we have creative crisis in our photography and when this happens other kinds of art can heal our creativity and art beginning. We see new things and learn to appreciate the art of others even more. In the case of the Anniversary at Karlsgatan 2,  Teater Tropos brought something new and reminded me of the forgotten.

Thanks Konstmuseum and Västmanlands läns museum for celebrating their 5th Anniversary with us!

Full of inspiration,
Victoria P. Ben-Chivar